Water Quality Trading For Phosphorus in the Lower Fox River Watershed: A Handbook


Templates and Reporting Forms

Documents for Buyers and Sellers

  • Trade Agreement/Water Quality Trading Contract PDF | DOC
  • Credit Certification Report (CCR) PDF | XLS
  • Operations & Maintenance Plan, with Performance Verification PDF | DOC
  • Resource: Cost Calculator Template XLS

Document for Buyers (and submittal for WDNR review)

Water Quality Trading Packet

Verification Services Agreement PDF | DOC

  • Fox P Trade Checklist for Evaluating Completeness of the Plan (not required for submittal to WDNR) PDF | DOC

Additional Verification Resources

  • Management Practice Registration Form DNR PDF*
  • (Annual) Credit Verification Report PDF | DOC
  • Credit Suspension, Reinstatement, or Cancellation Report PDF | DOC

Point to Point Trades: A Trade Between Two NPDES Permit Holders

  • Notice of Intent PDF | DOC
  • Buyer Total Phosphorus Discharge Description Template PDF | DOC
  • Contract Template PDF DOC
  • Application Packet Template Cover Sheet PDF | DOC
  • Checklist PDF | DOC
  • Plan Template PDF DOC


*For templates identified as “DNR,” please be sure to check Wisconsin DNR’s Water Quality Trading website for the current version. Uploaded to the Fox P Trade Website November, 2016.