Fox P Trade works to reduce pollution to the Fox River

Through trading we achieve a better Green Bay ecosystem
Photo Credit: Steve Seilo
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Water quality trading creates flexible compliance options

Farmers and waste water facilities can work together for a cleaner watershed
Photo Credit: Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance
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Water quality trading allows farmers to be part of the solution

Conservation practices on the farm can be turned into credits and sold
Photo Credit: Lower Fox Demonstration Farms Network
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Fox P Trade is a water quality trading program in the Lower Fox Watershed in North East Wisconsin. It gives agriculture producers resources to install conservation practices and provides alternative compliance options for waste water permit holders.

How-to for Sellers

Step by Step Guide for Agricultural Producers

How-to for Buyers

Step by Step Guide for NPDES Permit Holders


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Pounds of Total Phosphorus Reduced Through Water Quality Trading


Nonpoint Total Phosphorus Loading in the Lower Fox River Basin

Lower Fox River TMDL, Figure 19